Frida to the rescue!

January 17, 2011
After days of boring, mediocre, and all-too-wearable fashions, Frida Giannini at Gucci awakened a weary Milan crowd with her latest collection. Though super-sombre in color (the subtle elegance movement has definately been cemented this season), Frida pulls all the collective pieces together and (finally) banishs 80's revival. What's to replace it? It's what the French call "Les Seventies," a sophisitcated, iconic look inspired by jetset cuture during the disco days. Though some 70's staples like flared pants and square shoulders made an appearance, the collection felt modern, avoided looking too costumey, and simply oozed sophistication. Below are the strongest looks:




And for those who never get enough of Gucci's "edible accessories" (its an inside joke):

Our favorite new accessory of the season: The Men's Clutch (in a bevy of colors and materials)




Our new favorite Tuxedo shoe:

Thanks, Frida!

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