Haider's Hit

March 6, 2011

Fashion weeks for men and women both in the States and abroad have more or less been uninspiring for the most part this season. A few designers had strong hits (see previous posts) but the overall sense of drama and sensory overload has been missing. Enter Haider Ackermann. Vogue called his "the best show of the season," and everyone including Karl Lagerfeld (he has tapped Ackermann as his replacement at Chanel should the Kaiser ever choose to retire) agreed. While other collections this season have certainly felt more foreward-looking and luxurious (see Gucci and Marc Jacobs in particular), Haider's show stands out as the most modern yet wearable collection so far. His expertly tailored louche looks in shiny satins evoke a subtle sexiness and sophistication that everyone has been mad for the past few years. The only large scale shows left are Marc Jacob's Louis Vuitton and the highly anticipated Chanel show this Tuesday (if the invitation gives any hint of what is to come, as it usually does, we may be in for another line of  loosely draped and flowing glamazons). See our favorite looks below.

See the full collection here.

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