Paris in a nutshell..

January 21, 2011
The Paris shows so far have not really shown us anything spectacular for men. Granted, these shows are designed for the European markets, so the overabundance of American sportswear seperates holds a higher impact for Continental eyes. Marc Jacobs gave us a bit of 1950's futurism at Louis Vuitton, Givenchy did their usual baroque-meets-monastic thing, Jean Paul Gaultier feminized James Bond, and Rick Owens landed another troupe of post-apocalypic angels clad in their usual uniforms of black, grey, and beige. The connective thread among most collections is general relaxing of silhouettes. Nothing necessarily new or groundbreaking, but rather a general re-working of the classics. For all menswear fashion shows, click here.
Louis Vuitton:



 Note the clutches (Seen also at Gucci)




A few skirted looks from Rick Owens:


James Bond looking more like Monnypenny at Jean Paul Gaultier:
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