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July 15, 2016
Haute Couture Explained on NBC Daytime, 7/14/16

It was great to spend some time on NBC Daytime explaining everything anyone ever wanted to know about haute couture... have questions? Get your answers here!

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July 14, 2016
Haute Couture Trends on NBC Daytime, 7/14/16

Haute Couture week has come and gone and the trends are in! See my Runway Report for NBC here!

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June 27, 2016
Featured on NBC Daytime "Fashion Wrap" 6/27/16

This week's edition saw the three Fashion Musketeers dish on all the latest celebrity style choices both good and bad... watch our analysis here!

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June 13, 2016
Featured on NBC Daytime "Fashion Wrap," 6/13/16

An interesting week on Fashion Wrap, see what my 11 year old co-contributor had to say about the latest celebrity fashions!

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June 6, 2016
Featured on NBC Daytime "Fashion Wrap," 6/6/16

From haute couture to a hot mess, it's always a lot of laughs on Fashion Wrap, see the best and worst of the week here!

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